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ADS Digital Magazine
Volume 1
About Us

Our team strength is the understanding of traditional and historically correct architecture. It is anchored by individuals with experience in the building process, as well as an architectural historian. The experience as Design/Build places us in client’s shoes with clear understanding of challenges ahead. For this reason we have reviewed hundreds of plans for clients to date all across the country.

Winton Home
Designed and built by ADSLIVING

Lake Rosseau Cottage
Designed and built by ADSLIVING

We will feature work in progress shots of this project. Design and technical issues will be showcased. We will share our experience with the state of the art energy saving details as well as our efforts to bring the outside in and create an organic and healthy structure. Review this section regularly.

Club House
Shown below is a club house we were asked to assist with redesign.
The owners were concerned that there was no architectural definition and the blandness of the structure did not represent their wishes.
We addressed the concerns and presented the following options for consideration.
The irony here is that our structure is not more expensive to build that fist proposal but as you can see there is little comparison in end result.