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ADS Digital Magazine
Volume 1
- Volume 1

Our first in a series of articles dedicated to providing the reader with knowledge of proper design. Good designs do not necessarily cost more – they just works better and demonstrate our sense of style.
This section will include simple explanations- that will be easy to follow as well as images clearing demonstrating right and wrong concepts. It is intended to get you thinking at the very least.

The Bathrooms

Three elements will be examined here: One the powder room, Two multipal powder rooms per floor and finally – evolving ensuite

The Powder Room

This should be a very simple room to plan – HIDE the toilet!

How many powder rooms do you walk into where the toilet is first thing noticed as you enter the room? I have never heard of anyone not being able to find it so hide it. The example below show the proper design/layout. Fist impression is one of comfort as you enter the room and grace the wonderful furniture directly ahead. Its only when you close the door that the toilet becomes evident. Even this room should be welcoming and comfortable. We see more effort going into these rooms including wonderful ceilings, moldings and details.

Above are examples of correctly planned Powder room

Example below shows toilet as first impression of this room. Given the space that is available this room could have been planned more appropriately.
There may be some spaces that are too limited and to achieve proper design plans would have to be altered.

Multiple Powder Room Considerations.

Many of the homes are getting larger today.
How many homes have you been to that you see guest lined up outside the washroom during a party. The alternative would be placing two powder rooms on the same floor. The second one does not have to be large but you will be surprised how often this room will be used.
Examples below are two powder rooms backing onto one another and minimizing the costs.


The ENSUITE has nearly become the great room and in many homes it has become a private showroom – this may become the most expensive room in the home on a per square foot bases.
Great Tubs, Murals, Separate shower with steamers and of course a toilet that is hidden behind a door so this it is not generally ever visible.

The question that will one must ask when building is what do we need in this room- generally we rush through this space. It’s a personal opinion.

Ensuites: Given the size of this room the toilet could easily have been replicated and hidden so that it would not be the focus of your entry. Only explanation is that builder and architect did not understand basic design principles. This happens more often that you could imagine and at all price points.

Final note

We see more and more bathrooms in today’s homes and often the number of bathrooms outnumbers the number of bed rooms.

Examples shown below: